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You are welcome here! 

Every one deserves to feel groovy. Yes, even you. Even when your brain seems to be against you and is convincing you the good is not there and it will never return, you deserve to feel groovy. Keep pushing. Keep taking steps forward. It is always OK to not be OK. It is also OK to put whatever work you need into your mental health to get back to groovy.

Thank you for listening to a song I had fun experimenting with. 

Feeling Groovy by Jason Kehl

Thank you for checking us out! You are welcome here. Everyone is welcome here. Please, feel free to check out the many different pages we have.


Many of them involve others sharing their stories and experiences utilizing the method of their choosing. I think you will find something you can relate with. I hope you find some level of hope and peace from what we have here.


Stay as long as you want and I am glad you are here! I am especially glad you are here with us on this Earth.

It is OK to not be OK. It is OK to need help. It is OK to ask for help. Sometimes we can't figure everything out on our own. It needs to be known that it is OK to ask for help. Asking for help has most definitely changed my life!

We Are Stronger Together!

Jason Kehl, Founder 💚💪😀













   A nonprofit mental health

  awareness website celebrating

  people and their experiences

  throughout life.


  Real People. Real Stories. Real Life.








You can hang out with me on many of the popular apps and other ways of listening. You can always cruise over to The Podcasts and listen as much as you want****

I'm tossing the script and I'm giving you

an even realer real me and all of my awesome

quirks that make Think more

of an outline approach which will provide a

lot of freedom in which to lay out the

message I intend to throw out there for each

episode. I plan on doing some good stuff for

your head while also helping mine out at the

same time. Real life, day to day, Mental

Health Awareness coming at you. Emotions


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What's new out of Founder-land? I'm always up to something! 

Pearl Jam - Immortality (alternate lyrics) covered by Jason Kehl

Immortality is one of those mood songs for me. It fits many moods. Whether I am fed up with everything or I want to shout that I will not let mental illness define me or be held captive.

- Jason

Rocking Mental Health is a comfortable place for all of us to share our mental health and mental illness experiences. 


Expressed through the avenue of your choosing, whether it be Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, Music, Art, Books, and more, we are always looking to add new ideas. Let's spread mental health awareness together.

Interested in sharing your content? Send me a message! 

We would love to share your creativity!

Busting and Breaking Stigma!
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Stigma vs. Ben Jammin'

Rat Tail

by Chad Sogas

It Is OK To Not Be OK

Rat Tail explores director Chad Sogas’ battle with depression in this short autobiographical documentary. What begins as a self-deprecating story about the rat tail he had for nearly ten years (that his parents still keep in the storage room of their basement) transcends into a journey of unexpected self-discovery and healing.

Check out more of what Chad is doing at:

Our Mission:

What Is This All About?

We believe the world needs a mental health boost. We need everything we can get our hands on to help bust through the stigma surrounding mental health. We gain the confidence that it is OK to need and seek out help, and in turn we gain the ability to live the best lives we can possibly see ourselves living.

It Is OK To Not Be OK!

It Is OK To Ask For Help!

You Are Not Alone!

You Matter!

Everyone of one of us is working to better our mental health. No one is exempt. If you are a human on this earth, you are always working on bettering your mental health. This site is meant to be a place for everyone. We all can give something. We all can take something. Inside you will find blogs, podcasts, and more created by people like you and I. We have all been through something related to our mental health. We all have a story to share. We all can take something from each others experiences, good or bad. My goal is to provide a place where there is always something here which can benefit everyone who visits and is created by someone similar to all of us.


Please, take a look at all the selections available and I hope you find something which can be meaningful to your life and meaningful to your mental health growth.

Thinking About Getting Help For An Addiction? Visit The Resources. We have an ever growing list of websites listed providing a variety of options and topics including Rehab Centers from all over the United States.

Rocking Mental Health:
Your Mental Health and Addiction Spot

Take The First Step.
A Whole New World Awaits.

Get Mental Health Help
Mental Health Help Blogs
Creative Ways to Promote Mental Health

Given To Fly

I've always wanted to try to describe Pearl Jam's song Given To Fly with a painting. Well here it is "Given To Fly". Created using a digital art pad (a tool I am still learning how to use).

We are all Given To Fly. We may take different routes to get there, but know you are meant to fly! Sometimes the route includes some dark places. Be patient. Persevere. You can and will get there and I believe this to be true for everyone.


"Who Am I?" by Jason Kehl

Please Consider Donating

Who Am I? Jason Kehl
00:00 / 02:36

Who Am I? This is a question I have been grappling with since the beginning. Since the moment I asked for help. Since the moment I decided alcohol would no longer control me. I thought I was something when I drank. I thought I knew who that something was, but it got lost in the shuffle of drinking as much as I could each and every time I drank. When you take away a huge part of your life, whether it is negative or positive, there is a rediscovery that takes place. You are basically a new person and it takes time to discover who we really are. The question of "Who Am I?" has come up many many times as I work to find this new me. I feel like I am getting closer everyday, and everyday I figure more and more out, and I do like what I see before me.

Are you liking what you see? With your help, we can continue to offer a safe place for all who are seeking a mental health boost and some clarity into why they may feel the way they feel. Please consider donating to our mission. Anything helps  Thank you very much!  We Are Stronger Together!

Let's Spread Mental Health Awareness Together!
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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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