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A Bit About Me
And What Fuels My Passion

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Mental Health Awareness Podcast
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Hi! My name is Jason Kehl and I am the Founder of Rocking Mental Health. I am glad you are here!


I love music and art. I love creating both. I have been a nurse for about 25 years, although not anything related to mental health. Most recently I have been working as a Clinical Specialist for a medical device company. 


I am married and we have one fur baby named Ben. My boy!


The mission you see here started almost 3 years ago. I was in a deep dark hole. The darkest time of my life. I felt like there was no hope and I also felt like I didn’t want to live anymore.


The ways I felt used to work began to fail me. I am a stubborn guy and always wanted to do everything myself. This way of living began to backfire. 


I used to drink to escape some of the things I would think about. It seemed to work for a while, but it began to snowball out of control to the point that my drinking really increased and it no longer provided the escape I was trying to find.


The alcohol began to fuel the fire.


Everything came to heads one night when I had been drinking very heavily. The bad thoughts about myself had been intensifying and that night they came to a head. I had convinced myself I didn’t want to be here anymore.


I have never been so terrified as I was then.


Thankfully, I made myself go to bed. I woke up the next morning still terrified. I couldn’t go to work. I didn’t trust myself. I ended up making the best decision for myself and my life.


I asked for help.


I spent about a week in the mental health unit at my local hospital. It was there I decided, not easily, I had to quit drinking. I had to do life differently. I had to stop being stubborn and bring others into my life and what I was dealing with.


A passion was ignited.


I did not want other people to suffer in their lives to the point they felt that ending their life was the only option. I made it my mission to tell people they are not alone and it is OK to not be OK.


This website is a huge part of this passion. The passion became a dream and the dream became the mission you see here today.


Thank you for visiting and I do hope you come back and check us out as we are always updating and adding new content and creations.


Have a great day!



Mental Health Awareness Month
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