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We are all different. With that said, our stories can take on a similar path and feel. Below, we hope you can find something you can relate to and identify with. Hope and encouragement can spring forth when we do not feel alone in our personal struggles and journeys through life. 


We Got This!

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Mental Health Blog

Rocking Mental Health: The Blog 

by Jason Kehl

I describe my mental health journey and my battle with depression and anxiety for you. My goal is to show you that you are not alone and It is Ok to not be OK. Everyone of us is always working on our mental health and sometimes we hit a bump in the road. Sometimes we find ourselves in a hole. I've been there and thankfully we get another chance. All we have to do is ask for help and we can start our journey towards better and stronger mental health. Let's walk this journey together.

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Mental Health Awareness Blog

I Will Not BE My Mental Illness

by Karina Pommainville-Odell

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Welcome to my mental health blog; led by experience and not a degree! For years I’ve been struggling with mental illness and through the darkness I discovered my passion…helping fellow strugglers in any way I can! Accompany me on my quest for the light; I won’t sugar coat anything but I CAN tell you that it gets better. Together we can share our experiences, feelings, EVERYTHING- all in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Join a community that truly understands. Join a community that welcomes you as you are and not who you ‘should’ be!


Here’s some of what you’ll find:


  • Therapeutic techniques and principles that I’ve learned. 

  • Coping strategies. 

  • Relatable anecdotes that make for teachable moments. 

  • Interviews with other strugglers as well as mental health practitioners. 

  • Journal prompts, positive habit forming, productivity tips for work and school, etc. 

  • Art therapy and project ideas.  

  • Crisis and help resources. 

  • Humour and doggo cuteness to brighten your day! 


Join me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for additional posts on a myriad of subjects! 

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Non-Profit Mental Health Organization

Matt's Mishaps

by Matthew Morgan

When I started Matt’s Mishaps, I was looking for an excuse to write more in my free time. I wanted to focus my writing on something that I was both passionate and knowledgeable about. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression since middle school. Thanks to therapy, self-help books, and other helpful resources, I have been able to gain a better understanding of my issues. I am also very passionate when it comes to mental health awareness, especially when it comes to younger folks. In launching Matt’s Mishaps, I wanted people (particularly younger individuals) to know that they aren’t alone in their struggles. And that it is perfectly acceptable to make a bunch of mistakes as you grow up. Through Matt’s Mishaps, I have been able to connect with people who are also passionate about mental health awareness (such as Jason), which to me is so special. It helps me realize even more how many people suffer from mental illnesses, and how beneficial support systems can be. Going forward, I hope that my blog can help provide others with a sense of togetherness regarding mental illnesses. 

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Blogs About Mental Health

 Mental Health @ Home: A Safe Place To Talk About Mental Illness

by Ashley L. Peterson



Mental Health @ Home provides a safe space to talk openly about mental health and illness. It's influenced by my personal experience with major depressive disorder (and being the target of stigma) and professional experience as a former mental health nurse and pharmacist

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Mental Health Awareness Podcast

The Blogs

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Precarious Aquarius 

by Dani Ahl

Hey! My name is Dani and this is Precarious Aquarius. Although I am not a huge believer in astrology, I am a big believer in mental health advocacy. My blog tells the tale of a now 24 year old Dani living life as vividly as possible with the help of Bipolar II disorder. Five pills at dawn, five pills at dusk, and a whole lot of therapy helps me manage the ins and outs of manic and depressive states. Feel free to learn about me and my perspective at Thanks for reading!

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Get Mental Health Help
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Mental Health Help Blogs
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Psychiatric Affected Professionals & Services (PAPS)

by F. Daniel Brizuela aka Ouroboros

My blog expresses my own individual experience suffering from mental illness, addiction, homelessness, LGBTQ community, and behavioral health, while my journey reveals covert or underlined stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and social inequality that still exists in the world

Six Litre Productions Blog

by Ian B. Cassidy

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Hi, my name is Ian B. Cassidy from Six Litre Productions and I am passionate about mental health and in particular men's mental health. Having my own struggles has given me a keen insight into the impact it can have on our day to day lives and the lives of those close to us. It is important to remember in a lot of cases we may feel alone but our mental health can have a real effect on others. I use photography, poetry and writing to varying degrees as platforms to express myself. It is my experience that these things can be beneficial to me in releasing some of the pressure that I feel when I am struggling mentally. Recently I have done a series of self portraits that were very confronting for me and difficult to do. I took these at my most vulnerable moments and they capture genuine emotion. I have also turned to verse and let my poetry tell my story. These have been very therapeutic outlets for me and I am both excited and apprehensive about sharing them. I hope they can resonate with those that are struggling and as such sends a clear message that they are not alone and it is ok to not be ok. I have learnt much over the years and with the help of good counsel I have been able to recognise key aspects of managing my mental health, I have over the years shared a lot of what I have learnt with others who face similar challenges and I have received great feedback and seen positive results in regard to some of those I have shared with and how they improved their mental state. It is this that encourages me, to be able to lessen the burden one might feel is an absolute privilege. I do not have all the answers, I am not an expert, I have no formal training in mental health. What I do have is first hand experience with how a decline in mental health can feel, I do have a genuine interest in those that have suffered or felt powerless and most importantly I want to break down the barriers that society and our environments have put up in our search for mental wellness. It's time to be honest, to respect and love ourselves enough that we will seek out help in whatever form we need to make ourselves better. It's time to put aside the fear, the false bravado and the masks and admit we need help and not feel weak for asking. It is our time to heal ourselves.

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Creative Ways to Promote Mental Health

The Link Between Mental Health
and Your Vision  

by is an effort by a group of expert ophthalmologists and optometrists to provide trusted information on eye health and vision. Our medical review team works to ensure that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information so you can make the most informed decision about your health and future

About Mental Health
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An insiders view from the outside.

Write In Left Field

by Douglas Meron


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It Is OK To Not Be OK

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Rocking Mental Health is a comfortable place for all of us to share our experiences. 


Expressed through the avenue of your choosing, whether it be Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, Music, Art, Books, and more, we are always looking to add new ideas. Let's spread mental health awareness together.

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