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Books can help to provide an escape. Books can build us up. Books can be and do so many things. Check out these awesome Authors! 

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What They Don't Tell You About Being A Mum

Becoming a parent for the first time is exciting, joyous, scary and a huge step into the unknown. First-time mums can find a lot of official advice, but here is a new mum sharing her experiences of the reality in a touching and amusing way through her entertaining and honest poetry. 
Following the success of the author's Facebook page 'What they don't tell you about being a Mum', to which Jayne still uploads a poem most days, here is a selection of the poems from the first year of her baby's life. 
Her message to mums is clear: Nothing prepares you for becoming a parent, it's OK not to be OK and, most importantly, we are all in this together. Enjoy.

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Available on Amazon and in all major book stores worldwide!

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University On Watch
Crisis In The Academy

University on Watch is a story about youthful hope, yearning for more, triumph over failures, and mistakes beyond our own control and doing. The book is a native story to New York, but couldn’t be more otherworldly, at times supernatural, and grippingly suspenseful as the book unfolds. The crisis in the academy, or New London University, is one that goes to the very epicenter of higher learning and education. This crisis also is imagined, created by the mind of J. Peters, a student rejected from the graduate school in English at New London University. J. Peters will do everything in his power to uncover the reason for his rejection to move on to higher learning and graduate school. Through uncovering the root of power in language, something J. Peters calls meta-power, this student stops at nothing to hold the university officials, department offices, and community at large accountable for terminating his education prematurely. Mr. Peters will travel across New York State, visiting friends, loved ones, and old friends from his past to challenge the events unfolding in his college and in the department office at New London. There, he will undergo another transformation, as he contests the admission decision to the very end, putting his health and life at risk forever.


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About Mental Health

I Will Not BE My Mental Illness:
Let's Recover Together

Another self-help book, right? I can feel you cringe from here. Let me put your mind at ease. I'm no psychiatrist or fancy writer. I'm human; in fact, painfully so. If you've stumbled upon my book perhaps you feel similarly. I won't tell you what to do, what not to do or that it's all gonna be fine. Enough of that, am I right? This is simply about US. Two humans trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I've learned a thing or two and maybe hearing from an ordinary girl is just the fresh view we need. I invite you to hop on board with me and strap in for a bumpy ride. Together, maybe we can figure things out!

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Available On Amazon!

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Mental Health Blog

I Will Not BE My Mental Illness:
Part 1

Are you in pain and exhausted in every possible way? Did your life turn into an unexpected nightmare that never seems to end? Are you looking for a fresh perspective that isn’t from a typical self-help book? Have you come to believe that you are merely your mental illness? I hear you, which is why I decided to write the book I wish I had read 5 years ago. Since the beginning, I have kept a personal journal of my struggles, realizations and the process of my recovery. Only now have I decided to share it. I am not writing for academics. I’m writing for you. No, for us, who are in the same struggle; that of being human. For years I lost hope of any kind of happy ending. Only now am I seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I gave up on life but was lucky enough to be given a second chance. That will mean nothing if I can’t help others. You probably feel lost, desperate and alone. Do you feel that void where something really important used to live? That flame of life that gave you a reason to keep going? If you feel as I have - that you have nothing to lose, I beg you to give this a chance. Join me on my journey beginning with the darkness of Part 1 through to the hope and self-discovery of my continuing work. I believe that together, we can overcome these demons and reach the light at the end of the tunnel! Caution: This book contains graphic imagery and triggering topics including suicide, self-harm, anorexia and other dark content that may be disturbing for some readers.

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Available on Amazon and iBooks!

Voice For Anxiety Series


Who wants a free audio review book of The Sapphire Conspiracy And Beyond It All? Samantha has a limited number of Codes which are good for one free audio review book through Audible. She has kindly made them available to us.

Get one while they last and please, let's give her a great review!

Codes are good for the UK and the US.

The Sapphire Conspiracy
And Beyond It All(Book 1)

It was 2011 when I became ill. This story is an insight into my experience of psychosis, depression and then anxiety. So how did this happen? Well, I had nearly completed my teacher training and although I had looked after my family during this time as best I could, I had neglected my mental health. For this I would spend two weeks in a mental health unit in hospital and will probably take medication for the rest of my life. New contracts had been issued at work and I was already in a heightened state of stress. The contracts were incorrect and I had worked hard to get them changed, in fact many of the staff had set up an email group. School had finished for the summer and I failed to rest as I pored over the emails. Quickly a conspiracy theory developed in my head. This theory involved the safety of my children and government agents in an elaborate plot. The day I was taken to Accident and Emergency in a police car I thought I had it all worked out, but it would be years before I came to terms with what actually had happened. The first part of this book looks at how quickly I was taken into the hospital and describes what I remember about my stay there and indeed how necessary it was. The second part looks at a few years later, at a time when the whole world seemed to be going mad with people dressed up as clowns running around scaring people and people trying to ram cars to get insurance money. It was up to me to remain calm and to carry on in my job. My anxiety tablets were helping but I could feel anxiety running through my veins at some points. Living day by day helped, and talking things through with my colleagues. We were all in the same boat and surely things could only get better. There had been numerous cutbacks at my school which hadn’t helped student behaviour and workload. The final part brings in science and looks at the detailed reasons for my poor mental health and the steps I could take to improve it. This is my story, strange as it may seem I consider myself one of the luckier ones.

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon!


Moving Away From Anxiety And Writing Out My Bread Crumb List (Book 2)

This is the second book in my ‘Voice for anxiety’ series. My mental health has improved considerably since 2011 and 2012 when I experienced psychosis. I had started to explore the reasons behind my two week stay in a mental health ward and my constant feeling of dread in ‘The Sapphire Conspiracy and beyond it all’. This book ‘Moving Away From Anxiety and Writing Out My Bread Crumb List’ is similar in style and split into three parts with a huge potential for helping people. The first part reviews my progress along with the changes I had made to help with my anxiety. My cat features a fair bit which introduces some humour along the way. The second part looks at some key advice I could offer from my life experiences. I think everyone will have different advice to offer and we should pass this on. This is where the term ‘Bread Crumb List’ comes from. I have since my anxiety and Parkinson’s diagnosis taken on a philosophical view and that has helped me. I also cover the effects of redundancy and Covid-19 which hit partway through this book. In the final part I describe my writing journey which without celebrity status is not an easy one. Steps had been made and with each review came more hope of getting my story out there.

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon US!

Insane Success

Steven Lomelino experienced insane success in three distinct forms. * During his 20's by means of a quick series of promotions. * During his 30's by literally going insane trying to recreate that short-lived success. * During his 40's by applying God's, insane-sounding, definition of success. Now in his early 50's Steven has abandoned his pursuit of the American Dream for the greater goal of fulfilling God's will for his life. His life is now one of true insane success. Join Steven on his journey through career success, losses, despair, injustice, recovery, and hope to discover that God has a plan for your life that also leads to insane success.

Mental Health Awareness Blog
Non-Profit Mental Health Organization

It Is OK To Not Be OK

Rocking Mental Health is a comfortable place for all of us to share our experiences. 


Expressed through the avenue of your choosing, whether it be Videos, Podcasts, Blogs, Music, Art, Books, and more, we are always looking to add new ideas. Let's spread mental health awareness together.

Interested in sharing your content? Send me a message! 

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