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Rocking Mental Health: Der Podcast   
von Jason Kehl

I lay out my personal journey as I battle severe depression and anxiety. Big steps, baby steps, no steps, to steps taking me backward. Just about every kind of step! Some good decisions and some, well, not so good decisions. I try to cover it all, as it pertains to my story and experiences, in the most honest way I can. You are not alone. I've been to the edge and almost didn't come back. Let's do this together. Let's walk this path together. We are stronger together! It is OK to not be OK. It is OK to need help. It is OK to ask for help.

**** NEW ROCKING MENTAL HEALTH: THE PODCAST EPISODES EN ROUTE - New Season and New Episode Coming out Sunday, December 16th, 2023. You can hang out with me on many of the popular apps and other ways of listening. ****

New Season and New Format starting SUNDAY. I'm tossing the script and going to give you an even realer real me and all of my awesome quirks that make Think more of an outline approach which will provide a lot of freedom in which to lay out the message I intend to throw out there for each episode. I plan on doing some good stuff for your head while also helping mine out at the same time. Real life day to day Mental Health Awareness coming at you.

Stories of Healing

Vincent E. Paul






Visit to contact Vincent if you want to be a guest on the podcast. 

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I would love to share your Podcast right here on this very website and on this very page - The Podcasts. Does your Podcast have a Mental Health or Mental Health Awareness spin to it? It can be about straight up Mental Health or it can be anything that can be tied to Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness. Send me an email with a link to your Podcast website or hosting site. I'll check out your Podcast and then I'll let you know it's good to go. For me, mental health casts a very wide net which screams "General" as far as the scope of Podcasts that will qualify to be shared here at Rocking Mental Health!

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