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Below are some websites I have found to be excellent resources. This is nowhere near all of the important websites out there. Please feel free to let me know of any resources that you find beneficial to yourself and to others. I will update this page as I come across other websites and resources and also based on your recommendations.

General: - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration - National Alliance On Mental Illness - Mental Health America - National Institute Of Mental Health - Samaritans



Addiction/Recovery: - Addiction Center is a free online information hub that creates educational articles about substance misuse, and co-occurring behavioral and mental health disorders for people of all demographics nationwide. 


Instead of providing direct medical treatment, Addiction Center works with nationally recognized treatment facilities to provide treatment counseling, rehab placement and insurance/financial consultations for those seeking help. Our site also has a 24/7 confidential hotline that can match an individual with the best treatment center for their unique needs. - Addiction Guide is the only addiction and mental health website founded by a board-certified addiction specialist, a long-recovered addict, and spouses of addicts. We’re here to provide reliable information about addiction and recovery to guide addicts and their loved ones to a happier, healthier life. -  Alcohol use prevention is one of the most effective ways to reduce alcohol-related costs and harm. Alcohol abuse is responsible for claiming the lives of tens of thousands of lives every year and causing painful consequences like liver damage, threats to one’s wellbeing, withdrawal symptoms, and dysfunctional relationships. For younger individuals, alcohol use prevention can reduce the likelihood of developing substance use disorders (SUD) as they age. - Alcohol Rehab Help - We've all heard the common phrase: "Drink in moderation." It turns out that this phrase may be more important than we thought. Recent studies have shown that no level of alcohol consumption is safe for our health and can cause cancer. Alcohol is a level-one carcinogen, right up with tobacco and asbestos, which means it is a substance that causes cancer. - Allure Detox is a new way to start your life again. Addiction is a disease of loneliness and isolation. Habitual use of drugs and alcohol cuts us off from the things we value most – friends, families, and our higher selves. To recover, we must get back in touch with these forgotten aspects of our lives. So when we’re finally getting clean and sober, the last thing we need is more separation from the people we love and the parts of our lives we once found rewarding. What we need is to show up for life again, not deeper separation. - Ambrosia Treatment Center - This guide provides excellent information addressing newborn drug testing laws. - Amethyst Recovery CenterWe know what you are going through, and we know it isn’t easy. We will walk with you on your journey to recovery and be there to guide and advise you every step of the way. Our facility is a small community, which allows us to give personal attention to each individual client. Our wide range of treatment options offers clients a full spectrum of daily activities so that each individual finds a winning combination. - AToN Center - AToN Center is a luxury rehab in San Diego, California. We assist adults ages 18 and up in recovering from struggles with drugs and alcohol and set them on their way to living a better life with long-lasting recovery. Our specialized programs include an individualized treatment plan with a holistic approach, medications, mental health support, and group activities. Bayview Recovery Center - Bayview Recovery Center offers proven outpatient treatment programs at our Tacoma WA drug rehab center. Our services can provide varying levels of care, which allows each client to find an effective and accessible recovery program for them. At Bayview, your recovery includes proven therapies, administered by the most respected addiction specialists in the industry. - Crestview Recovery - Crestview Recovery is a forward-thinking residential and outpatient drug rehab center in Portland, Oregon. If you are concerned that someone you love has gotten out of control with their substance use, Crestview Recovery is committed to providing exceptional care to our clients. We believe that drug rehabilitation happens best in a home-like environment where people are given the right tools to develop their coping skills in the real world. We specialize in returning hope to the hopeless. - Discovery Institute: New Jersey Rehabilitation and Rehab - There are many different substances people get addicted to, and each one needs to be addressed differently. Different drugs and alcohol have varying effects on an addict’s mental and physical health. Discovery Institute takes this in account as well as the client’s own medical history.

 - Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery - If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, it’s important to get help as soon as possible. Addiction can be a difficult disease to overcome, but there are many resources and treatment options available. 


Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery is a detox and residential treatment center located in Idaho. We offer a variety of programs and services designed to help individuals overcome addiction and start on the path to recovery. We also offer resources and support for families and loved ones who are affected by addiction.

If you’re looking for rehab resources in Idaho, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can help you or your loved one get on the road to recovery. - First City Recovery Center - First City Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center based in Kokomo, Indiana. As a MidWest addiction treatment center, we know the value of family and the importance of integrated living. That is why we work so hard to provide high-quality treatment programs that cater to both the needs of every member of the American family individually and the American family as a whole. - 449 Recovery - 449 Recovery is a 90 day, co-ed mental health treatment center for individuals who suffer from maladaptive coping skills such as addiction. Located in beautiful Mission Viejo, CA, our program is CARF accredited and DHCS licensed. Our goal is to integrate our clients back to the community at an improved level of functioning, using objective evidence-based treatments.


We transform lives by offering opportunities for recovery, wellness and independence. Our team of staff members, counselors and therapists foster change through our person-centered approach. We build authentic relationships focused on helping our clients heal from the emotional wounds experienced in life. You have a significant story to tell…tell your story! - Free By the Sea: Sunset View Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center - The damage caused by substance abuse doesn’t only affect the individual who is battling alcohol or drug dependency. The effects of addiction impact friends and family members close to the individual, as well. The reason addiction can last months or even years is because friends and family members who recognize what’s going on don’t always know how to seek help for their loved ones. This is where our staff at Free by the Sea comes in.


Our certified professionals are able to provide you with helpful information and assistance if you believe you or a loved one has developed alcohol or drug addiction. - The Freedom CenterThe Freedom Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland is a caring and supportive rehab center that provides individuals suffering from addiction with an individualized yet affordable solution. We recognize the difficulty of taking the first step toward recovery, especially when trying to maintain daily life responsibilities such as work or school.

That’s why we specialize in custom treatment plans designed around each person’s specific needs so they can continue living their lives while receiving essential care for their condition. We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure sober living space for our clients. Our individualized approach is based on clinically-driven models that target all underlying causes of addiction as well as dual-diagnosis cases. - Garden State Treatment Center - If you or someone you love needs alcohol or drug treatment in New Jersey, you’ve come to the right place and we’re very glad that you’re here. You’ve taken the all-important first step toward relief, and that’s what we want for you and your family.


Right now, you need compassionate professionals who understand what you’re experiencing right now. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we are at Garden State Treatment Center. We’re an experienced and highly trained team that has helped pull hundreds of families just like yours from the jaws of addiction and despair.
 - Illinois Recovery Center - In 2020 2,944 drug overdoses resulted in death within the state of Illinois. This was a 33% increase from 2019. Interestingly enough, 83 percent of these deaths were a result of opioids. Another startling statistic is that opioid deaths were 2.3 times higher than car crash deaths and 2.2 times higher than homicides. Much of this death is attributed to the rise of fentanyl. Overall, since 2013 Illinois has seen an increase in deaths related to synthetic opioids by 2,736 percent. - Long Island InterventionsAttending an intensive outpatient program is recommended as part of a well-rounded treatment plan that targets drug addiction and alcoholism. Long-term sobriety requires ongoing, intensive treatment and a strong support network. Intensive outpatient programs on Long Island and out-of-state provide clients with continued care and support through a convenient yet powerful addiction treatment program in an IOP level of care.

When clients attend an intensive outpatient program, they are able to develop the skills and relationships needed to sustain recovery from alcohol and other drug use while keeping up with jobs, school, and family commitments. Most IOPs offer a day/night treatment program, giving clients the opportunity to attend treatment sessions in the morning or evening.
 - Long Island Treatment Center - Are you or a loved one struggling with substance abuse? This website offers the resources you need to find your recovery and rehabilitation options.  - National Rehab Hotline The National Rehab Hotline is free and available 24/7/365 to help anyone struggling through a substance use or mental health crisis get immediate help.


Our crisis hotline specialists can provide resourceful information about alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health, and what the next steps for yourself or your loved one might be. This may include treatment suggestions, immediate crisis support & intervention, or we can guide you towards local resources. Northern Illinois Recovery Center - Overcoming addiction requires professional treatment and immense support. Treatment is a combination of medical care, clinical care, peer support, holistic medicine, and more. Addiction treatment helps people achieve long-term health and wellness that may have been otherwise unattainable without treatment. Our Crystal Lake rehab center is conveniently located about 50 miles from Chicago and provides the highest quality treatment in the Midwest. - Parent Giving - For many people, the elderly are the last group that they'd imagine would be dealing with issues involving alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately,new data indicates that the number of senior citizens with drug problems is on the rise for a variety of complicated reasons. More than just vitamins and supplements, to understand understanding senior drug abuse and dependency, you can be prepared to get your older loved one help if you suspect a drug problem. - Path To Recovery Detox - Our mission is to provide a foundation for rehabilitation and treatment by improving the physical, spiritual and
emotional well-being of those who struggle with chemical dependency.


Through an integrated system of research-based addiction medicine coupled with holistic therapeutic services,
our purpose is to provide a balanced program that both educates and empowers our clients. - Recover IntegrityIOP Addiction Treatment for Men - Recover Integrity is a boutique community program, providing high-quality group work, multiple individual sessions and a theory-based approach to recovery. Our thoughtful assessment criteria allow us to maintain a private atmosphere; utilizing the highest level of clinical care, wisdom-work, and fostering trust we help people recover integrity.

       - Recreate Life Counseling - We pride ourselves in our individualized treatment programs tailored to meet the needs of men, women, and families affected by addiction. Recreate Life Counseling offers residential treatment, partial hospitalization (day and night treatment with community housing), and intensive outpatient therapy in Boynton Beach, Florida.

      - Since 2018, RehabSpot has served the community as an online informational resource dedicated to supporting anyone battling substance abuse or a co-occurring disorder. All the  data available on Rehab Spot is curated and developed with our audience’s best interest in mind. A team of journalists and researchers designs the content published on our website. The team references scientific, medical, or relevant publications from government agencies or medical journals that are fact-based to ensure quality. - Spring Hill RecoveryAddiction is a condition that compels people to use substances. There are various drugs that people may become addicted to, and there are several reasons why a person may develop an addiction. However, different forms of treatment are available, including both inpatient and outpatient care.

      - Start Your Recovery was developed by bringing together experts in substance use disorder treatment from leading nonprofit, academic, and government institutions. Through this important resource, people with mental health challenges can hear stories from people with similar experiences, discover the answers they need for recognizing and dealing with substance use disorder, and locate support. - Villa Kali Ma - Villa Kali Ma is a residential treatment center for women who suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. In our integrative sustainable recovery programs, our goal is to facilitate healing and transformation of women’s lives. In order to accomplish this goal, we guide women to look deeper, beyond the pain and fear, and uncover the truth of who they are. Learn more about how we help women heal. - Westwind RecoveryWhile treatment is a difficult decision, Westwind Recovery®  in Los Angeles tries to make the stay at a drug and alcohol center as stress-free as possible. Our California addiction treatment center programs are different from other treatment programs because of our high level of care, our affordability, and our dedication to recovery.

We employ a customizable approach to treatment. After all, not everybody can recover from substance abuse and mental health disorders in the same way. Each individual is different and unique, and so is the drug and alcohol center’s approach to treatment. As a result of our integrated approach with many different amenities, you or your loved one will easily find a component that hits home.



BIPOC: - Detox Local - An excellent resource that features abundant information including mental health and substance use resources specifically for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.

 -  Live Another Day - Live Another Day believes in equal access to life-saving mental health and substance use resources. This website provides extensive information on the best resources available.

  - Southeast Addiction Center - 2023's Top 50 resources for Black men who are struggling with substance use and/or their mental health.

Southeast Detox - Newly updated for 2023, this guide features over 50 fully-vetted resources for Black women

        Wellness Group - Written and curated by Women of Color, this guide features over 60 resources for People of Color





Cancer Support/Resources:

  - The Lanier Law Firm - Mesothelioma -Mesothelioma is a rare and serious cancer that affects the mesothelium, or lining, of various organs. You are at risk of developing this cancer if you have been exposed to asbestos. There is a 20-40 year latency between exposure and cancer development. Every year, there are approximately 3,000 new cases of mesothelioma in the United States.    


   - The Lanier Law Firm - Mesothelioma and Mental HealthCaring for your mental health after a mesothelioma diagnosis can improve your quality of life and positively impact your physical response to treatment. It is natural to feel sadness and anxiety about your diagnosis, but with support, you can still experience purpose and joy as your condition progresses.


Mesothelioma support is essential for people living with this aggressive cancer. Patients and their caregivers often struggle emotionally and benefit from help in the form of therapy, counseling, and mesothelioma support groups. Financial support is also available to help cover costly treatments and other expenses.

                                                                                                              - Mesothelioma VeteransCenter - Every branch of the Armed Forces relied on asbestos for decades. As a result, U.S. veterans account for 33% or all mesothelioma diagnoses. Since the Mesothelioma Veterans Center was established, thousands have turned to our team for information, how to take action after a diagnosis and to learn about treatment options.                                                                                            



Child Birth Injury: - Birth Injury Justice Center - The Birth Injury Justice Center was founded in 2003 by a team of legal professionals to educate and empower victims and families affected by birth injuries. Our team is devoted to providing you with the best resources and legal information for all types of birth injuries.


Depression: work - Fingerprint for Success presents - Depression at work: Symptoms and what to do about it - We put together a list of vital points of the signs that trigger a worker’s depression, causes of burnout, and how to overcome it. 



Education Opportunities:

  - Best Colleges If you are fascinated by human nature, want to connect with people through your work, and can listen in an empathetic way, an online bachelor's in psychology or bachelor's in counseling could be a good fit for you. While these two fields are related, a counseling degree focuses more on that specific field, while a bachelor's in psychology covers additional theory in subfields like abnormal and social psychology. With both degrees, you can pursue a master's in counseling, which is a requirement for counselor licensure in most states.

Like most bachelor's degree programs, both psychology and counseling programs usually require students to earn approximately 120 credits. They take around four years of full-time study to complete at most of the top-ranked accredited colleges. However, requirements vary by school and program, so check specific requirements on program websites. Read on to learn more details about bachelor's in psychology and bachelor's in counseling programs, including courses, careers, and admission requirements.

         -  Online MSW Degrees - We publish unbiased, professionally reviewed content that helps current & prospective college students looking for guidance on training & educational opportunities in the social services industry. - Shortridge AcademyShortridge Academy nurtures the cognitive, emotional and social development of bright yet struggling adolescents within a therapeutically supportive, educational community. Guided by a Positive Youth Development perspective, we partner with students and their families to identify strengths, develop skills, prepare for traditional academic environments, and pursue healthy, productive adulthood.   

Informational Resources:

    What Rocking Back And Forth Means:
 - This guide addresses rocking back and forth and how to respond.





  - Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Veterans SupportBetween the 1950s and late 1980s, individuals at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune were exposed to toxic chemicals in their drinking water. These chemicals have been proven to cause cancer, congenital disabilities, and other serious health conditions. After decades of investigations and tireless advocacy, new laws allow Camp Lejeune water contamination victims to take action.

The Camp Lejeune Claims Center was founded by health advocate, Chris Carberg, whose father died from bladder cancer connected to Camp Lejeune water contamination. We exist to help military veterans and their families get justice.

 - makes it easier to take legal action. We provide information, lawsuit guides, and news about drugs, products, and other personal injury issues that could affect you. - Simmons Hanly Conroy has been committed to supporting its community for over 20 years. With more than $20 million donated to cancer research, our firm strives to provide support to those who need it the most. We've learned that our information, on-staff nurses, and guidance to compensation have provided the most meaningful help to individuals suffering from asbestos illnesses.

  - Sokolove Law - According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer and The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Toxicology Program, there is no safe level of exposure to asbestos. Sokolove Law was founded to help people suffering from asbestos-related diseases. Asbestos-manufacturing companies knew the dangerous health consequences of asbestos and still continued distribution. Our team has more than 40 years of experience fighting on behalf of mesothelioma victims in all 50 states to access compensation from these companies and secure financial security for treatment and families.




    Best Colleges:  - LGBTQ+ students face barriers that negatively impact their mental wellness. This guide provides resources for finding affirming mental health support.

 - Colleges often fail to meet trans and nonbinary students’ mental health needs. Read more to learn how colleges can better support TNB students.

Mental Health/Addiction and Recovery Website Assistance: - The Digital Intellect - As the digital age increases more and more, it may seem out of place for a rehabilitation company to need to advertise. However, with a growing amount of various companies, you may feel the need to get a head start on a marketing campaign. The trouble is that marketing is no longer just getting your name out there, search engine optimization, keyword searches, website design, and much more. All of this is intended to enhance your rehab program. We at The Digital Intellect specialize in this, and are proficient in marketing for these companies in a number of ways.


Mental Health Treatment Guides And Options: - Adler Health If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health disorders, treatment can seem like a daunting task. But there are options available, and at Adler Health in Orange County, California, we specialize in mental health disorders treatment. We offer a variety of mental health therapies and mental health programs in orange county CA, so you can get the help you need to live a happy and healthy life.

Some of the mental health disorders we treat include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and a variety of other mental health issues. We offer various therapies including EMDR and trauma therapy. We also offer treatment for co-occurring disorders, including substance abuse.


                         - DefiningWellness Centers - Struggling with mental health can last for weeks, months or even years. The truth is that trauma is at the heart of many mental health conditions. It can be hard to recognize this on your own, which is where an inpatient mental health treatment program can be truly beneficial. Not only can you begin to recognize and understand your trauma, but you can also build a toolbox of coping skills to help you combat it when you are going about your normal, everyday life outside of treatment. - Evolve WellnessAt Evolve Wellness, we pride ourselves on being a premier telehealth program that takes all your needs and preferences into account. When dealing with a mental health disorder, it can be daunting to reach out for help, let alone ask for it. Fortunately, you are not alone in your struggles, we’re here to help. We provide high-quality mental health treatment solutions including therapy and holistic options like yoga and guided meditation.

Our quality telehealth treatment is based out of California. However, our convenient online services are accessible from the comfort and sanctity of your own home, office, or anywhere our website is available! It doesn’t have to be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Our team makes it easy and will be next to you every step of the way. Don’t wait for things to get worse, it’s time to turn things around for the better and start living your life to the fullest. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our programs. - Intercept - Innercept's Joint-Commission-accredited mental health treatment program is renowned for treating adolescents and young adults (ages 13 – 28). Our program has a 90-day minimum length of stay which enhances our ability to assess and treat young people with the most complex diagnoses and stubborn symptoms, including those who have failed at treatment before. Located in the resort town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, we offer the most comprehensive continuum of treatment in the field. By combining an evidence-based model with a "soft landing" environment, we set the stage for our residents to learn new ways to function and flourish throughout their lives. Innercept is now able to work with most commercial insurance plans, giving families increased access to the help they need. Learn more about the Innercept residential mental health treatment program using the form below or call (208) 875-5655 today. - Ironwood Maine - Ironwood Maine is committed to helping families in crisis with teens who struggle. Ironwood prioritizes positive relationship development while utilizing a behavioral support model, comprehensive therapy, and rigorous academics to cultivate personal growth and positive change. Our goal is to assess and treat the underlying causes of challenging behavior, to cultivate family reunification and communication, and to help establish and develop strong self-esteem in the young residents we serve. -Social Work License Map with eDX Mental health is an undeniably important matter, yet most people don’t have access to the resources they need when they need help. At Social Work License Map, we have compiled a comprehensive list of resources for anyone seeking information about and/or help for a range of mental health issues.

Our list spans diagnostic tools, research portals, government organizations, nonprofits, blogs, and phone hotlines devoted to addressing issues ranging from general mental illnesses and disorders such as autism, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and substance abuse, to the specific needs of diverse populations, including LGBTQ youth, minorities, women, and veterans. Take a look at these resources, and we hope you find our list helpful!
  - Villa Kali Ma - Villa Kali Ma is a residential treatment center for women who suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. In our integrative sustainable recovery programs, our goal is to facilitate healing and transformation of women’s lives. In order to accomplish this goal, we guide women to look deeper, beyond the pain and fear, and uncover the truth of who they are. Learn more about how we help women heal.


Victims Of Sexual Assault/Abuse:
 - Helping Survivors The mission of the Helping Survivors group is to heal, educate, and empower survivors of sexual abuse, sexual violence, and domestic violence. We plan to achieve this by providing content on that is centered around empowering survivors to achieve their goals and empower transformation by leading with empathy.



If you know of other website resources and want to share them here, please send me an email and I will get it added: 

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